The Municipality

Dear Readers,


The Lower North Shore consists of fifteen small villages located along the northern sea coast of Quebec. Among these fifteen villages, St.Augustine is included.


Each village is distinct from the next and St.Augustine is no different. St.Augustine is at present day, home to close to 800 inhabitants, each with their own story to tell. This small town is large with culture and heritage. No where else will you find people so friendly and open-hearted to anybody at anytime. Most people won't even lock their doors, a sure sign that your always welcome.


We've been on the map for centuries and still yet, few people know who we are and what we're about. Anybody who is from the coast, knows it's a place they can forever call home. There is an unbelievable amount of warmth and generosity that surrounds our small little town.


Each year the generations grow older and as the elderly are aging, they are taking with them stories, memories, and traditions that are a part of our history. Most of these stories are unknown to the younger generations and with time could disappear completely. These memories are the ones that helped shape this town to make it what it is today and they shouldn't be forgotten. With that being said, the purpose of this project is to provide a rather thorough background of St.Augustine and also the perspective of community about how they remember certain events. Also a collection of photographs will be gathered and made available for the public to view. We may not know all the history but this is why this project is so important and worth the time viewing.


If at anytime anyone feels that they have something they wish to add to the scrapbook, or a photo to add to the wall, feel free to contact the municipality and they will be glad to add your memories with the rest. It would be nice to expand on this project but we need everybody's contribution to do so.


In conclusion, I hope you enjoy viewing this scrapbook as much as I enjoyed creating it. I would like to extend a special thanks to Veronica Organ, Catherine McKinnon, Lillian Lavallee, Meva Shattler, Ester Jane Driscoll and everyone else who helped in any way, your help was greatly appreciated.




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